Digital Mansi Maheshwari is a certified digital marketing professional & a freelancer in Surat , India.  We help High-Frequency Businesses and Entrepreneurs to start marketing their products, services and brands on internet. We offer Digital Marketing services such as PPC Advertising, Social Media Management, eMarketing and much more.

Services Offered:-

Blog / SEO

SEO is a very important part to build an online presence & to reach a targeted audiences. As a Digital Marketing Freelancer, i will offer a comprehensive range of SEO services to help my clients achieve their online marketing goals and to maximize their profits and ROI.

Google Ads

As a Digital Marketing Freelancer, suggesting clients to use Google ads can help their businesses to target on their potential customers and can help them to bring more leads and engagements to their businesses. Google Ads will help you to increase sales at a higher rate and spread awareness about your brands easily.

Website Development

Since businesses are turning digital these days. It is now important to have a website and attract customers. Customers prefer having an overview of a product before purchasing them. So as a digital marketing freelancer , I'm here to help your business grow and to build a powerful online presence.

Content Marketing

Content plays a vital role in generating leads and revenue . It is a strategy used to attract and engage the audience. It involves creating and sharing relevant article, podcast, videos, etc.

Email Marketing

As a digital marketing freelancer , I will offer you a range of email marketing services designed to help businesses engage with their audience, build relationships, and drive revenue and achieve the goals.